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The need for bodyguards loyal, led to a businessman in the capital city to lay off seven of its “men” to replace them with dogs, to provide you with the security that he needs. The information that is always leaking, the constant death threats that came to him and the wasteful expenditure on salaries and weapons, were the causes for which the employer is decepcionara of its agents.

Problems such as these, are that it has resolved the Security Company Dog House Brenes, located in El Hatillo’s Central District. Its owner, Marcio Brenes, said that there are many residents that are hiring this kind of service of civil protection, personal safety, business and housing.

“I have a client who dispensed of the services of his entire unit of bodyguards, because there was a lot of leakage of information. At first she had chosen to lay off two and was suspicious of the other, until you dismissed them all and came here to request canine security,” he said.

It added that this client asked for three dogs, one to protect him and andarlo in the car, another to take care of his wife and daughter, and accompany them to where they are mobilized and a third to remain in the home.

Brenes said that with this type of security is less likely to in the privacy of your master, “can you introduce him to your house, to your room and if the wife is alone, the canine is obviously not going to piropear, but if you enter another insurance man who is going to defend.”

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The canes act on the orders of his master.

In the case that an attacker wants to shoot against the master, the dog will not distract the detonations, because when you receive an order, no one stops you to do your job.

He explained that when delivered to the agent dog to the new owner, also train and give commands, orders, encodings of adaptation, and this client should be fully trained to handle your dog so that in the moment of being in danger know what orders to give to your animal to act.

One of the recommendations that make the dog trainers of civil protection, is not to treat the dog like a pet, since they can be confused.

“The animal will not be able to tell him my baby, precious little thing, chinearlo and give him kisses, as he is a worker safety and trained to defend.” However, if the agent canine is this type of problems and lose your discipline, the new owner can return the company to strengthen some capacities weakened by lack of training or confusion”.

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The puppies are subjected to processes of early stimulation.

The coach explained that with 28 dogs of the breed belgian shepherd malinoi, German shepherd working line and German shepherd structure and labrador, among others that have the characteristics of defense.

In terms of the process of training the dogs, they begin from that are small, with early stimulation, after a period of obedience to reach the level of delta.

He clarified that the dog is a primary weapon, and is not to displace the human, but to complement the capabilities of the man, because the life of an animal I could sacrifice in an attack, but not the human.

The dog will tow around 5,000 dollars, including the puppy, the documentation of control veterinarian, a microchip installed. Has a microchip encoding, which is required by the Association Canofila de Honduras,

“We are even coaches of the header of a canine unit from Spain, trained dogs in disarticulation of demonstrations and civil protection”.

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According to the rules of adestramiento, the canes should not be treated as pets, but working animals.

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The owner has a window of dogs ready to provide the service of private security and staff.

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