Dog «signature» next to governor law anticrueldad animal – Telemundo 62

The governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, and a dog Boston terrier that was found sick in a site of animal husbandry signed on Wednesday a rule that would strengthen the laws against animal abuse and neglect.

The democratic governor signed the bill into law on the lawn of the state Capitol and then helped the dog name “Free” to dip his paw in ink and estamparla in the legislation. Free was a puppy when he was found last year in the county of Lancaster.

Dog goes to the shop for your own food

Perro va a la tienda por su propia comida

The director of the humane Society of the united States, Kristen Tullo, said the legislation is the package of animal protection more complete state.

It will enter into force in two months. The act makes it a crime to torture an animal intentionally, as well as the neglect or abuse that causes serious injury or death. Dog owners could be punished by tying them in certain situations.

Animal abuse is a crime in limited situations in the current law.

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