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The feast of the meat canine most popular of China was inaugurated on Wednesday with stalls full of dog stew or stir fry, and a population determined to defend their traditions against the incipient threat of prohibition.

This gastronomic event is held annually in the city of Yulin (south) on the occasion of the summer solstice, the 21st of June. And each year raises blisters in the foreign and in the country.

The american association Humane Society International (HSI) said last month that the chinese authorities would ban the sale of meat canine for this edition.

But on Wednesday, the butchers cut meat chunks dog and skipped in woks, a pan-curved, that is used in China.

The vendors exhibited the housings yellow dogs shot and torn to shreds, with tails stiff and fangs protruding.

In the restaurant of Yang, the customers ask for rice noodles for breakfast, but at noon they demand dog meat. “During the party, our sales are multiplied by nine. And do not doubt that always get have enough,” he says, with the hope of selling six a day for the duration of the celebration.

According to associations of defense of the animals, the authorities reached an agreement with the sellers, authorizing two enclosures by post. But some sellers far exceed this quota.


“The ban does not apply to all the trade of dog meat. But the party seems less grandiose than last year, with fewer dogs euthanized in this industry is cruel,” she stated to the AFP Irene Feng, of the oenegé Animals Asia.

Each year often death more than 10,000 dogs for the feast in appalling conditions, according to the defenders of animals: some in shock and others burned alive.

Many police officers were stationed on the outside of the main market canine of the city.

According to Liu Zhong, owner of a store of medicinal herbs, the police monitored “very closely” the activity in the market of Yulin. Some retailers sell dog hidden, directly in your apartment or in other places, he explains.

“It’s just a little more discreet” than last year, Liu said, he stopped eating dog meat ten years ago and has seven dogs as pets.

Some owners of restaurants have changed their signs to change the sign “dog meat” for the “tasty meat”. One even covered with yellow paper, the word “dog”.

“Anything weird”

Some sellers interleaved pieces, such as the liver, among other products such as tongue of veal, the shank or leg of pork.

Each year, kills in China to between 10 and 20 million dogs for consumption, according to the Humane Society International. Although not illegal, eating dog meat is the minority and gives rise to growing opposition.

Li Yongwei, a resident of Yulin, has nothing rare. “What is the difference between dog, chicken, beef, or pork?”, question.

“Part of the local culture. You can’t impose a choice to the people. As you can not force someone to be a christian, buddhist or muslim,” says Li. “What people eat is your business”.

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