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Perro usa su “talento” para recaudar fondos y ayudar a otros animales

Hello I present to you “Davos”, a Bernese mountain entrepreneur. This dog has an innate talent to follow and retrieve objects, by its owner, The Cooper, has found a way to direct their talents in a productive way.

Cooper likes to play golf, although admits that it is pretty bad. To have company in the field of local golf in Minnesota, Cooper decided to bring to Davos. In addition to that he keeps in shape, the dog turned out to be multi-talented. When Cooper throws a bad ball, Davos effortlessly retrieves it.


Credit: Facebook | The Cooper


Credit: Facebook | The Cooper

In the course of golf of Minnesota, Davos retrieved the balls that other golfers had lost, he found so many that this gave a great idea to Cooper.

Cooper and Davos started to sell the golf balls for 25 cents each and donated the proceeds to benefit other animals of the humane Society.


Credit: Facebook | The Cooper

The station news KARE 11, reported that the dog already has sold the greatest amount of 400 balls and raised $ 100 with his effort.

The news station recently met with Davos and Cooper, as they gave the money they earned so far.


Thanks to that article about the donation of Davos, his “business lost golf balls” has been a success.


Credit: Facebook | The Cooper

Who is a good guy? Davos is


Credit: Facebook | The Cooper

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