Dogs are eaten between them so as not to die of hunger –

Days ago, a user of Facebook unveiled, accompanied by a photo, the case of two bitches that were feeding on a dead dog. The scene, for those who give so much of their time to protect the dogs loose in the city, is not unusual. Hungry animals and almost turned in maroons seek their livelihood with what they find to eat.

The situation was documented in the area of decision February 2, to the north of the city, and does not cease to be a witness to the awful of the slowness and poverty of a human. Every time there are more abandoned dogs in the city, and the lack of attention leads to the possibility that the dogs seek their livelihood even turning to cannibalism in their congeners.

The user of the social network is identified as the Soul Dwells, and, like other cipoleños, is dedicated to helping dogs and puppies without owner, providing food and trying to find them a home where they can live. Just post the case, last Saturday, several people expressed their intention to collaborate, and to give his assistance immediately.

Many dogs loose and no one to take care of them roam Cipolletti until you go to the daycare dog of the Municipality, on the Island Jordan, where there are practically no more room for more tenants. There are over 400 animals housed in the place, which represents a great effort on the part of the commune and protection organisations to keep them, both for the costs of the food and drug.

While, there are many dogs, hungry and abandoned, become a both maroons and fill with scabies and other parasites, to a life very sad.

Social networks, useful to help

Social networks, in particular Facebook, have become a space to bond for many users who want to dogs and their puppies, that help if they are abandoned.

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