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Patrick Burbank and her family have two pets at home. With them they go out to all parties, even during their vacation.

However, its biggest drawback is the inability to stay in a hotel next to their dogs.

“In the hotels, when I make reservations, I ask if they enter pets, but I always respond that there is not that option. I do not like to leave them in lodging canines, because I’m not sure of the deal,” says Patrick.

That is a difficulty that experienced travellers for whom animals are an important part of your family and need to leave with them from home.

Precisely these needs led to the Ecuadorian Association of Records Canine (Aercan) to search for establishments (hotels and restaurants) in the country that are interested in getting the certification dog friendly.

Establishments that have have specific areas for dogs. In these places gives them a good deal and the designation of a space for the permanence of the animals.

The first establishments that meet the rules and agree to this certification -backed international – are the hotels Rumipamba de las Rosas in Salcedo (Cotopaxi), and Sangay Spa Hotel in Baños (Tungurahua).

“Customers asked us for that incursionemos in this field to be more inclusive, especially because our city is tourism and many of those who come on the weekends don’t have where to leave their pets. I think that is a good time to give openness to new guests,” explains Sara Warmington, manager of Sangay Spa.

This business enabled a special area rustic and close to the pool, to receive families along with their dogs.

The area destined for this purpose consists of 23 rooms. There is not, at the time, conditioning, special bathrooms, but aspire to make alliances with companies that supply food and miscellaneous items to offer them to the guest’s arrival and the puppy. “The idea is to provide in the future a bag of food for the animals and dishes to put the food,” adds Sara.

She points out that since the 5 of may-formally – the hotel welcomes clients and their pets.

The hotel has already received some reservations, and congratulations on a new service in the country and with that expect to meet a demand from citizens that need.

Three months ago informed their guests about this initiative, and even received families to provide this care. On average they arrived, on a monthly basis, four groups.

Each client must cancel an additional $ 10 per day per pet. Also, you should always be aware of the host of four-legged, as you can’t walk through certain areas: the spa, the gardens or the restaurant.

“The owner is responsible to keep their dog on a leash during the whole stay (in public areas), clean up the soil and replenish any items that the pet harms or destroys”.

During the stays in this hotel have not been registered inconveniences due to the presence of dogs nor have bothered the other people hosted.

“The puppies are very polite and almost not bothered by other dogs, or people.”

In addition, in case of any medical urgency of the puppy, the establishment has an agreement with a veterinarian who comes to the hotel for the attention respective.

The certification that the Aercan delivery is exclusive to receive to dogs and no other pets.

According to Juan Carlos Ruales, a member of Aercan, wait until the end of this year, certify to 70 locations, including hotels and restaurants in ecuador. “We have orders that will assist in these days and expand the spaces for the families and the puppies, who are part of them, to be able to travel and enjoy together this experience.”

Restaurants pet friendly

In the cities of Quito and Guayaquil there are some local, without having certification, already serve this kind of demands of pet owners.

This is the case of the bakery and cafe Jurgen, that since its opening eight years ago, allows the entry of dogs.

The business has a small outside area in which the owners and their pets-to always wear strap – share a breakfast.

“This initiative was born because all of the shareholders we have dogs and we felt that it was necessary to give that additional service to the customers,” says Jurgen Spelier, the Dutch owner of the coffee shop that has some branches in the capital city of Ecuador.

Even, offer bags of food for dogs and plan to prepare a special bread for the pets that arrive.

The dogs are part of the family

– The establishments in order to obtain the certification, dog friendly, should have safe spaces and recreation for the animal.

– The Ecuadorian Association of Record Canine (Aercan) is the only organization that represents the Federation Cynologique International, which is responsible for studying everything related to the dogs.

– The dog that travels with the family you should do it in a cage and, in the case of the breeds considered to be dangerous, must be muzzled. In all cases, it requires the certificate of vaccination.

– If the owner leaves the hotel and can’t take the dog with him, the animal must stay in kennet (cage) in the room or in a designated place, but in no time you can remain alone and without protection. (I)

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