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When 17 years ago, the expert in communication, Martina Warning he opened his own agency, both for him as for his partner it was clear that in the office there was also a site for a dog. In the meantime, there are already two: Nela and Cleo.

«I’ve always wanted to have animals, but leave them all day alone at home was not an option,» recalls the German. When you begin working independently, Warning failed to comply with the desire of having a pet, as from that moment on he started to take the dog to your place of work.

Dogs in an office are no longer a rarity, points out Markus Beyer, professional trainer and canine and president of the Association of Dogs Office.

Both the owner, as the same dog, but also the company can benefit from this situation, says Beyer.

The owner of the dog initially has advantages very practical. «The one who takes the dog to work will not have to leave it alone at home, or organise someone to take care of».

But it also benefits the colleagues and employees of the office as a pet can have a relaxing effect. «People release oxytocin –the so-called hormone of love or the union– when they are in contact with a dog, and vice versa.»

«The person who in his daily work is in permanent contact with a dog is more balanced and quiet,» adds Beyer.

But it is important to have clear agreements before a dog enters the office, says Beyer. Not everyone likes dogs, some people have a fear or feel uncomfortable with them. And this is something that must be respected and therefore it is important that there are spatial boundaries with the dog in an office, points out.

«Every employee should have the possibility to decide if you want to have contact with the dog.» In a large company, it is recommended to bring the animal to the strap when you are cruising the hallways, and in each office there should be a space where not allowed entry to the dogs and the employees can retire without being disturbed, recommend Beyer.

If a dog is suitable in an office also depends on the labour sector, says Jutta Boenig, president of the German Society for Career Guidance.

«In the branches of the most creative, for example, in advertising agencies and architecture studios it is more common to take dogs in an industrial plant or in a bank».

But in all cases it is important to that the dog of office not to disturb anyone it meets certain rules. «The dog must be clean and trained».

In terms of its outputs, a balance should be maintained with the breaks of other employees, explains Boenig. If it comes off steadily with the dog on the street and that is why working less is likely that to generate ill-feeling among the other colleagues. A solution might be to take turns between the employees.

If the conditions are met, a dog can be a great enrichment, says Boenig. «A dog of office binds employees and reinforces the sense of community, which in turn results in the benefit of the entire company. Many people work under pressure and a dog as a distraction generates a good mood,» he says.

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