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The members of the association R. A. T. S. go to where there are plagues of mice, and the kill free

Los perros neoyorquinos especializados en acabar con las ratas
The members of the association R. A. T. S. train their dogs to end up with rats in NYC.

Photo: Facebook – Bill Reyna – R. A. T. S.

The rats are part of the landscape of the city of New York and, although it is commonly seen in the Subway of the Big Apple, are a health problem in many sectors where they are seen coming out of the underground or the garbage containers.

A group of new yorkers decided to take action and organized to combat the rodents with the help of his best friends: his own dogs. The association Ryder»s Alley Trencher-fed ( R. A. T. S.) brings together residents of New York and New Jersey that are owners of canine breeds such as Border Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Fox Terriers and Dachshunds, all trained to hunt rats and make life miserable for these mammals in the city.

“The Terriers have an innate sense to do this, is in their genes,“ said Richard Reynolds, one of the founders of the group, the New York Post.

During the nights, the members of R. A. T. S. get together and go to the sectors where their services are required without charge to exterminate these animals.

“We have a policy: every time someone calls or sends us an e-mail or contact us, at least we’re going and we checked the place,“ said Reynolds.

According to this new yorker, the canines have historically been trained to hunt rats, and to have the opportunity to go out to the streets of the city, these dogs can satisfy their instincts as hunters.

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