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The association for the protection of animals World Patitas Chihuahua explained that the dogs take to the landfill are not slaughtered with cruel methods, but are the result of euthanasia with an injection.

Unveiled the association that is a heartbreaking problem for years and that happens “at least once a week.”

“Is the destination they have to have more than 100 animals that are picked up weekly by the anti-rabies or carried by the owners themselves to the place,” said World Paws in a message on Facebook about the viral video this Wednesday the 7th of June.

“It should be emphasized that the animals are NOT slaughtered by cruel methods such as electrocution, shock, drowning, etc eutanasian with an injection and taken to the landfill, which has a special area where they are deposited any dead animal,” said the association in its message.

“It is true that the landfill has an incinerator from a couple of years ago, but hardly put it to work”, said the protective association.

“So they are not falling in any crime, injustice or abuse”, stressed World Paws on the thrown of animals in the landfill.

It also recommends that the non-governmental organization that prevent citizens comrpar animals, improve adopt to those who live in the street or are years in shelters and rabies.

Another point that stands out is that properly to the pets and avoid leaving solar to the streets.

“We invite you to work for those who are still living and are in search of a home”, he concluded.

In the video broadcast this morning shows a vehicle with an official logo of the Government of the State where a subject throws cats and dogs at the dump.

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