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Among the pet lovers can generate a debate regarding which of them is more loyal, more loving, or better company. Both the lovers of the cats as the dogs will have their arguments, but it is best to know the features of each one, of the hand of the experts. “The dogs are made for the man, we domesticate for us and his task is to be with us, join us”, but “the cat will always be a feline. Even if they like to make him love and stay awhile with his master, is always going to be an animal individualistic, gives you the same if you are or you’re not,” says Corinna Hoberg, of the Canine Association of Nicaragua (Acan). That seems to be the main difference between one and another, but read on and find out more.
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Dogs vs. cats - La Prensa (Nicaragua) 1The dog is an animal that has the largest dependency of the human being in comparison to the cat. Is always where is the love, in turn the cat turns out to be more independent and trotamundo.


Cats tend to mark their space, especially when there is another feline in the house; the dogs, for their part, tend to be more permissive, even with other pets of different breeds.

To express the affections…

Dogs vs. cats - La Prensa (Nicaragua) 2Dogs and cats express their affection differently. The cats are somewhat apathetic and more selective, that is to say that search of his master, at certain moments, while dogs seek at all times the affection of his master. “If the cat I love asks and I want to give, I feel a little while and I give it. The dog does not. He is always pending of the master, if you move the dog moves, if you hear that you’re arriving there he is. Affection is more for the dog,” Hoberg says.


The cat requires less care than the dog due to their separate personality, this does not mean that you should stop the abandonment. Unlike the dog, the cat washes only, but requires to be fed and checked medically. If you are long hair cats need to be combed or cut the fur.

So tame

Dogs tend to be easier to tame or educate in comparison to cats, which is related to the character of the cats. This does not mean that it cannot be achieved to educate a cat. The patience is critical.


The sense of protection of his master is more reaffirmed in the dog than in the cat. Many canines express their sense of protection when not allow a strange person for them to approach a member of the family where they have put a lot of affection. The cat might be averse to the visits, but not in the sense of protecting the family.
Now that you know the characteristics of each one, what do you prefer?, What you identify with more? What of them goes with your personality?. Canine Association Malaga

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