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Merida, (Notimex).- Yucatan received three agents, canines, equipment and consumables for the Unit K9 of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) state, with a value of 423 thousand-425 dollars, as part of the cooperation that it maintains with the united States in the framework of the Merida Initiative.

The governor Rolando Zapata Bello witnessed the delivery to the corporation by the u.s. consul in Mérida, David Micó, two stainless steel trailers specially designed to transport police canines, equipment for training and daily work.

They were also delivered vests for ballistic and thermal footwear with canine muzzles, pseudo-scents of drugs and explosives, boxes of wood and plastic for training, marking, and first aid kits.

The three dogs, two males of the breed Belgian Shepherd Malinois and a female German Shepherd, are detectors of narcotics and were trained in San Antonio, Texas, where his current handlers, belonging to the unit, K9, and received the official certification for the work with these species.

During the ceremony, the representative stressed that security is a goal and a shared purpose that drives the cooperation and close coordination between sister nations, neighbouring, such as Mexico and the united States, as well as a goal that promotes the relationship between institutions and societies.

“Because it helps to reaffirm that we share the same priorities in terms of security and fighting enemies in common: the crime, the crime, terrorism and, in general, any threat to citizens on both sides of the border,” he stressed.

By his side, the consul, David Micó recalled that, through the Merida Initiative, the past August 20, the Centers for Social Reinsertion (Cereso) women’s Merida and Specialized in the Application of Measures for Adolescents (Ceama) were accredited by the American Association of Correctional (ACA, for its acronym in English).

“This, as part of the technical assistance being offered to the prison system locally to achieve international standards.”

In his turn, the head of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP). Philip Saidén Ojeda explained that, in the framework of binational cooperation, elements of the corporation participated in the annual conference K9 made in Nashville, Tennessee.

Three other agents will attend to Colombia to receive training in detection of narcotics. On his return, the agents will bring three new canes duly certified for that purpose.

The official said that, with the help of the canine team, 13 went to 16 elements with the donation of the united States, was achieved during the 2016 forfeiture of 74.29 kilograms of marijuana, two thousand 500 kilograms of hashish, 91 capsules, two guns and five tablets psychotropic.

He added that, this year, have secured 450 kilograms of hashish, 100 ecstasy pills, 175, psychotropic, 0.010 grams of cocaine, 0.010 of crack cocaine and 37 figures of LSD.

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