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The term «co-sleeping» comes from the English term co-sleeping. In this practice, the babies sleep in the same bed as their parents, with both members of the couple or just with one of them. However, this concept was renewed, and now also are the pets that add to the family bed.

Camila is a young professional of 27 year-old who lives alone in his apartment of Palermo. A few years ago decided to adopt a dog, and from that moment shared with him the bed. «Likes to sleep at my feet and I already got used to it. It breaks my heart to throw him out,» he said.

Sleep is one of the most important activities for the health of the human being. A good night’s sleep is synonymous with a good day. Before, the dogs were sleeping in the heardit, but more and more people accept dogs in the bed family. Given this trend, it opens up the debate about whether this habit could bring about health problems, or if you sleep with your pet is a harmful activity.

According to a study conducted by a group of scientists from the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine in Arizona, united States, sleeping with pets is a very effective way to get to sleep in a healthier way.

The experiment was led by dr. Lois Krahn, and included a record number of 150 participants, of which 49% were pet owners, who were asked about their sleep habits and whether their animals were in the same bed while they slept.

The result was incredible, with only 20% claimed to have a dream, interrupted by the moans, snoring or any type of movement of their dogs or their cats. But on the other hand, over 50% revealed to have a break more enjoyable with their pets in the bed or in the room. According to the study, the presence of the animals in the same space in which their owners will generate greater safety and comfort.


Sleeping with your pet: what are the effects of "co-sleeping canine" - San Juan 8 1

Some of the participants have also been recognized to feel more at ease if your pets were sleeping between their legs or on their backs. Of the results obtained, Krahn found that «undoubtedly some people feel that sleeping with your pet gives them greater comfort.» .

The specialist noted that there are higher chances of you sleep better with the presence of a single pet instead of several, as when there is more than one increases the risk of having sleeping difficulties.

The report also said that the reason why many pet owners find comfort with them in the room is because they feel like members of their own family and want to integrate them into their lives in all possible ways.

Many families are accustomed to the «co-sleeping dog» when the dog is a puppy. A report of the American Association of Pets concluded in the year 2015 that 65% of small dogs often sleep with their owners. In the case of the canes medium the percentage dropped to 41 percent. And if they are large, up to 32 per cent. The most striking thing is that most of the people who sleep with their dog deny it publicly.

But, is it good to sleep with the pet? The doctor of veterinary medicine Marina Snitcofsky (MN 8066) said in a conversation with Infobae that «the main risk involved in sleeping with the dog in the bed, beyond the possible allergies of the owner, has to do with the possibility that there is a problem hierarchical that encourage aggressive behaviors. Dogs need to establish a hierarchy with the members of your group, and the main resources that have hierarchical importance are: the food, the site of rest, the control of the spaces and the control of the interactions. If the dog sleeps in the same bed as the owners, will give the animal a prerogative of dominance and can then defend the bed as his own, if you want to lose or if you approach him».

If the pets are clean, there is no disadvantage to the agency. It will be very important to take care of the health and hygiene of the animal. Change bed sheets, bedspreads, blankets and pillows constantly. In addition, it can also be a problem for allergic people. According to some medical studies, it is important that people who suffer from allergies or asthma do not sleep with your pets. In fact, they shouldn’t even let them enter their rooms.

Also, be alert of any stains or strange texture that is found in the skin of the pet and that can warn you about fleas or ticks because they can spread it to humans.

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