Two institutions of The Peace receive per day 20 complaints for … –

Animal SOS and APLAB, organizations protective of animals, they receive a day for at least 20 allegations of abuse to dogs in Peace. The females are the most vulnerable. In recent years, social networks became essential to the reports.

“You are killing blows a dog” and “there is a dog locked up, chained up and without eating,” reflect some of the 13 complaints that it receives daily Animal SOS, reported by its director, Susana Carpio.

The activist said that the greater part of the complaints is due to negligence. “The people are not aware of the services that you need to your pet. I have between 500 and 600 photos of dogs found in situations of temporary abandonment or permanent, some end up dead, it’s a shame”.

While that Love for Animals Bolivia (APLAB) recorded some 50 cases a week, that is to say, seven per day; the majority is for abandonment in garbage cans and containers, followed by outrages and poisoning, stated its representative Ana Serrano.

Outrages. The Forest Police, and Preservation of the Environment (Pofoma) of The Peace estimated that it receives up to 15 calls a day from child abuse to dogs, but clarified that not all allegations are true.

“There is physical abuse, beatings, abuse, in addition to cases with death as intentional and negligence in the care of the dog,” said Wálter Andrade, director of Pofoma.

In The High, the organization Qänasa attends each week up to three allegations of abuse to dogs and females in heat “roughed up,” said their manager Justin Poma.

“Some will arrive dead, and others in agony. Other cases severe and frequent are the bitches in heat, they are being persecuted by up to 15 dogs, they tear the skin, they cause tumors and problems in the reproductive system because they are crossed by one and the other,” said Poma.

Two years ago in Bolivia that Law is in effect 700, for the Defence of Animals Against Acts of Cruelty and Abuse, which aims to prevent and criminalize acts of ill-treatment and biocidio (killing with cruelty) committed against animals. In this framework, the municipality of La Paz adopted in may the Law for companion Animals, whose regulation should be ready this month.

Qänasa delivered five years ago the Mayor of The High a draft law to regulate the possession of dogs. “No one is responsible for the protection of these animals,” said Poma.

Carpio and Serrano agreed, separately, that in the last few years, social networks became the main partners to denounce cruel acts.

“There is greater movement for the animal. In addition, visibilizan more cases of child abuse and the people opts for a penalty of social death to record and photograph the abuser,” said Serrano.

Like every 16th of August, tomorrow is celebrated the Day of San Roque and, on this date, the protection organisations called on people to reflect on the responsible ownership of dogs.


  1. Animals SOS. Will be distributed tomorrow to 8,000 sandwiches, variety meats and lagua stray dogs in peri-urban areas and The Peace center
  2. House of Pet. In its facilities (San Antonio) will tomorrow make a campaign free of nail cutting for canines
  3. Information. In the House of the Pet there will also be guidance on the benefits of sterilization and the most common diseases
  4. Parade. The Municipality of la Paz will develop the Sunday dog parade and will crown miss and mister criollito.

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