Two young people will be prosecuted for cutting off a leg to a dog – Universal – Colombia

Two young men were captured and left at the disposal of the Prosecution’s Third Local of the municipality of San Onofre, after allegedly cut him a paw to a dog.

The defendants respond to the name of Joeth Caicedo, 18 years of age and Luis Gutierrez, 20, as reported by the Police Department of Sucre.

Caicedo and Gutierrez will have to answer for the crime of animal abuse, punishable by which they could be sentenced to a penalty of up to three years in prison and the payment of up to 30 million pesos.

In the meantime, the animal, which was brought to a veterinary center, recovers from the loss of his rear right leg, severed allegedly by the above-mentioned, of a machete.

This new case of animal abuse was brought to the attention of the humane Society of the department of Sucre, which immediately condemned the regrettable fact.

The Society, through its president Mufith Salaimán, called on the community to be more sensitive to animals, because these are sentient beings and deserve respect and care.

The aggression the dog was perpetrated for no apparent reason and took place in full public thoroughfare, near the health centre of the municipality of San Onofre.

Thanks for the notice of the community to the National Police, moments after the assault, the alleged perpetrators were caught in flagrante delicto with the weapon used in the attack.

It should be recalled that the National Police has its group Environmental Protection and Ecológicaytiene the power to retain in advance with immediate effect and without need of a judicial or administrative order, any animal that is the victim of conduct that constitutes abuse, unjustified or endangers her life or integrity.

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