Two thousand people have already called for the closure of the reserve Luan – (Log)

More than two thousand people from different parts of the world have already signed an online petition to demand the closure of the shelter Luan of Neuquén, in the framework of an «emergency animal».

The form can be visited on the web, in which activists join a cause to install specific issues in the public opinion, to propose the submission of the bills or simply to express their discomfort.

On the specific page that is calling for the closure of Luan, who created the petition claimed that «with the same ‘Slogan ‘ Protective’ The Paradise of Sierra de los padres, the Shelter Luan has been getting animals ‘dangerous’, the sick or those who are simply the people could not provide more of a venue ‘appropriate’. Once more it highlights the ignorance, the irresponsibility and the abandonment of the human hand to bring them out of their habitats lives which souvenirs and then leave them to their fate in places that cannot provide the most basic healthcare needs of its inmates».

«In this mini-zoo you can find pumas, maras, ferrets, piches furry, skunks, lizard overo, chimangos, caranchos, eagles mora, burrowing parrot, hawks, gray foxes, parrots talkative, palomas buchonas, messenger, necklace and fan, peacocks, ducks, ducks, dumb, redfish, parakeets australian common and dwarf, cocotillas , chickens, silky of Japan, pheasant collar, owls, jotes, cardinals, quail and chanchitos of india. It can be visited both in summer and in winter from 8 until midnight», detailed.

«To this he added the adverse weather conditions for some species that are not adapted to the cold of patagonia and the appalling security measures with the campus nestled in the noisy neighborhood of Valentina South that were not further characterized for being one of the safest. It is unfortunate but it is necessary to end this type of harassment and it is our obligation not only to expose these prisons (perhaps arising in his time with the best of intentions but frustrated by indifference, the state and the community) but also to develop alternatives of escape for the victims of the same», said the creators of the site that has already received the support of two-thousand internet users.

As they explained, the petition is signed will be delivered to the municipal and provincial authorities.

The response of the owner of the Luan

The owner of Luan, Stephen Zupanovich, responded to the accusations by animal abuse reported by an activist for the rights of animals, and said that the monkey in question suffered a wound.

Zupanovich, in charge of the refuge fauna, explained that this was a mona carayá junior, is 13 years in the place, and was attacked by another specimen of the same species.

“The animals are separated so they don’t have more offspring because we already have five, but it hangs on this mona hung up the division and the other, he bit his back leg,” added Zupanovich.

“It is with veterinary treatment. Wait a few more days to see how it is,” he said and noted that the complainant said nothing of other species, who also suffer injury, so it was considered that this is an opinion of a person who was aggressive.


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