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Intelligence work of the authorities point to the killing of donkeys registered in the last 15 days in the towns of the north of Valledupar, where the animals are left flayers in the country and to one side of the pathways, you would have to do with the use of the skin to the drug.

Apparently, the smell that issued the leather of the animal would help to evade the controls and to mislead the dogs drug in roads and transit terminals. The leather would be using as a casing of hallucinogens.

This was stated by the secretary of the municipal Government, Sandra Cujía, at the end of a Security Council where the issue was raised after the reports of the councils for indigenous children and inhabitants of the rural area, who are alarmed by the slaughter indiscriminate of donkeys in the townships The Mine and Patillal, where, at least, have killed about 25 animals, and have left them without the skin, in an action against rustlers.

“We have information, part of the general Pablo Alfonso Bonilla, commander of the X Army Brigade, which, presumably, the leathers are acquired by drug traffickers to ship drugs out of the country; logically, this is an investigation that is moving forward with intelligence work of the Police and military authorities”, the official said.

He said that it established two bases temporary of the Army in The Mine and Patillal for the community to feel the presence of the Public Force, strengthening the monitoring and actions to give those responsible for the slaughter of donkeys.


By these facts, Juan José Corzo, a resident of Patillal, expressed concern that exists among the population by the sacrifice of indiscriminate animals, without clear motivation to kill them and take only the skin. “Before you would think that would take the donkeys to process the meat like sausages, but now they kill them and leave them without the leather”, caught my attention.

He pointed out that the weekend is when most cases occur. “We have found up to six dead animals in a single day. Many people spend the night lying in the way”, he said.

Said Roe that tempo back were presented similar cases because they took the donkeys to Valledupar in the truck for “processing and re-pepperoni”, but now “they are chasing the leather.

“This, he said, is affecting farmers, because most of the donkeys are used to transport milk and other products that are in the area,” said Roe.

Hernán Gutiérrez, another resident of the area, pointed out that “here the most affected are the farmers”.


Cases of donkeys flayers have been extended for the Caribbean region. There have been records in Sucre, Córdoba, Bolívar and Magdalena. THE HERALD, last October, published a report on the alert that exists for the mass slaughter of these animals in the geography costeña, noting that it would be used the skin for the leather industry in Asia, and also for traditional medicine in these countries.

On that occasion, the president of the humane Society of Sucre, Mufith Salaimán Fayyad, launched the alert because in all departments are becoming more and more frequent the cases in which they appear dead and skinned these animals used in the work of the field.

“This is a situation that from 2015 afflicting our Department and has not been shown to do leave the meat left to carry the skin of the animal. We believe in the hypothesis that is used for the leather industry”, said Salaimán.

However, there is another theory which takes force on the use of the skin. It has to do with its high value in China because it takes advantage of da to develop the Ejiao, a medication traditional in the asian giant, so used as Ginseng, and to which is attributed the property of strengthen the blood of women after they have given birth.

Source https://www.elheraldo.co

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