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Durango is placing at the national level by the impulse of different laws or regulations that are conducive to having a better country, and from the National Conference of Municipalities of Mexico (CONAMM), the President of the capital City of Durango, José Ramón Enríquez Herrera, seek to promote different reforms or points of agreement for discussion at the Congress of the Union.

The Cabildo city gave significant steps and has set the national example in the care of and respect animals, approving the Regulation for the Protection of Animals, which can be a reference for other states or municipalities in the country.

This Regulation has as its fundamental purposes: to Regulate the conduct of the people towards the integrity of animals, eradicate and punish mistreatment and acts of cruelty, promote and regulate the humane treatment of domestic animals.

In addition, it contributes to the formation inculcating responsible attitudes and compassionate towards the animal species; design, implement and evaluate environmental education campaigns for the protection of animals; as well as the involvement of municipal agencies, associations and organizations in spay / neuter campaigns and humane slaughter of animals.

«This topic is of great importance to me, it was a commitment that I made with the citizens, and now the results are already available,» said Enriquez Herrera, highlighting that it will continue to push for any reform or addition to the regulations that are conducive to the healthy culture of leisure, both for humans, as for any living being such as animals or pets.

Councilman Alejandro Mojica Narváez, said that the members of the Governance Committee, agree that it is your responsibility to participate in the conservation, protection, restoration and improvement of the environment, so it is time to engage in issues that involve other living beings such as animals.

The associations protectors, rescuers and non-governmental organizations have a voice in the implementation of this regulation in favor of the animals, which was approved unanimously by all the political forces represented in the collegial body.


→ José Ramón Enriquez JRE

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