Tough blow for Four after its last scandal – Blasting News

Good the has done the King a scrap dealer after a protective of animals to put in evidence the program that leads to #Four, «dog face«, showing that the intentions of the same are not so disinterested as they seem. In social networks, the audience is saddened and outraged after learning the story behind the fake animal rescue issued last Wednesday.

Four exchanged the dog was going to rescue on the other

The station had the nerve to exchange the dog would be rescued, by another. The animal in question had, since October of 2016 wandering Revolved Fraga and, according to «Furry Friends Bajo Cinca«, he was in terrible conditions.

Its members had been contacted with the «Association Aria» to rescue him, when they received the proposal of Four [VIDEO] record and share the process. Thing they accepted, unaware of the disappointment that would be after.

In your story tell how it was impossible to catch it at the dog, who despite having his legs injured and infected, and he would run every time I saw someone, terrified. Have had a case of very severe abuse as to have developed such a fear, the same that say that what became really smart to escape.

Four mounted their own show

Finally, and to see that the rescue was not going to make cash, Four thrust his hands and decided to start their own show with a happy ending. Put another dog, to which the protector did not know anything, and they presented it as that of Girona.

«You do not know how we boiled the blood, we could not believe it, but what the liars screamed, why lie? This has actually hurt a lot because we don’t like lies,» declared the managers of the organization, who a lot of have strived to help the animals of the street, without expecting any reward for that.

According to «Furry Friends«, the dog Turned died the 11th day of January 2017, and dying with the legs torn apart, which has made them feel a guilt so terrible. «We feel very bad for not being able to have done more for him, for having failed to rescue him and have been able to give you a second chance,» expressed in that letter on Facebook that at the end has been the sentence for this program led by Javier Garcia Roche.

And to all of this, what is what he has to say on this matter? As has also been at odds for Frank Cuesta. But until now, the driver has not expressed himself about the controversy. #dog face #ElReyChatarrero

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