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Villa Fantasy

After a few years, again we decided to visit the parque zoológico Villa Fantasía in Zapopan, with the hope of observing a change. Everything remains the same. Caused us a great disappointment to observe the neglect of the areas of the playground for the children and, above all, the deplorable state in which there are few species of animals that are exhibited in the reduced and wretched cages. We found that the majority of the animals are old, sad, malnourished, and neglected, offering a picture at all pleasant for the visitors.

I hope that the humane Society, take action on the matter and recommend to the city Council of Zapopan, provide better attention and care to the animals, or in your case, if you can’t or don’t want to plan to choose to send them to another zoo; it is not possible for the animals to continue “surviving” in these deplorable conditions. If the City of Zapopan does not have the resources to care for and keep clean and presentable areas of this zoo and children’s games, discuss the possibility of concesionarlo to private investors, who are tasked to preserve this public space worthy, clean, and presentable, without losing sight of its social character for what was created, for the benefit of thousands of families zapopanas, which do not have sufficient resources to visit other centers of fun and healthy recreation for their children.

Marco A. Lares of the River

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