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ROSARIO. The veterinarian rosario, Carlos Cossia occupies four years ago a seat on the City Council of Rosario and 22/10 will be in search of to renew it for a further period. To do this, you will continue betting to become the candidate perrero, the one who collects the concerns and interests of the lovers of the dogs. «Drop the Zero» is their latest proposal in the same page, and by means of which invites rosario to accompany him to that «in the coming 4 years we have to come to that not a single animal left in Rosario». Cossia, to which his campaign under the slogan of «A faithful friend in the Council», is the veterinarian the city’s most famous and gained notoriety after conducting a television programme in which addressed issues of their specialty.

In the last few hours, Carlos Cossia won approval for two projects, of course, and for a change, have a relationship with the animals. The program «Heardit Mine» sanctioned the installation of cuchas for street dogs in Rosario. According to the ordinance, “any pet that has a habitual residence in the street or public places without an owner identified, it will be recognized in the category of animal community residence on the site, which shall be duly enrolled in the Single Registry of Pets.”

The cost of the cuchas will be borne by NGOS and animal protectors and should have «material and thermal resistant to withstand inclement weather and are comfortable». The other approved project allows for the tattoo identification of dogs and cats that are sterilized in the Municipal Institute of Animal Health. The project gained momentum after a case in which a woman carried to spaying or neutering your poodle, and returned to him another dog.

“It is an effective, inexpensive, and requires no investment in technology as it happens with the readers of chip. Many times we sleep an animal and then we realize that it was being operated”, he described Carlos Cossia.

The council member was involved in a controversy when in may of 2016 was the key to the ruling city to achieve a new increase in ticket. At that moment, just in the dog’s day, the City Council untangled the conflict of the metered parking in Rosario. It was resolved to extend the concession of the service for a year thanks to the suggestion of the veterinarian and council member Cossia. The same meant that the metered parking is copper until 20:00, and not until 21:00 as is currently the case for the days of the week, while on Saturday, he said two hours going to be measured, now, until 12:00. In addition, he demanded that the dealer that you invest more than seven million pesos in payment media, signage, and equipment.

Socialism and Monica Fein, will shut down a major fire but he scored a valuable income in times of lean cows. The news that shook Cossia was released a few days later and indicated that five days after such a vote had been made official the hiring of her daughter in the Municipality of Rosario. There were those who suspected that it was a reward for his vote, but since the Municipality denied flatly that the claim that had already been working a long time ago and that had been formalized to the record which tends to take a while.

The list of Cossia reached the 6th grade. place in the choice of the 13/08 and managed to overcome successfully the filter of the STEP. With more than 17 thousand votes in his back, Cossia knows that he must fatten his flow election to be able to continue defending the rights of man’s best friends. In his campaign, the veterinarian and a council member will seek to add accessions from a slogan that reminds you directly on that theme macrista of «Poverty Zero».

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