The Council authorized the installation of «cuchas» to animals … – (press Release) (Registration)

The affection of many neighbors ‘ dogs that for years have been living in the streets of the neighborhoods has got a good news. Is that the city Council created the Program “Heardit Mine”, intended to shelter the animal community living in the city, and so be able to give a suitable place. The initiative authorizes the Ngos for animal protection to install in public shelters for stray dogs.

In response to the need of the Civil Association Protective Rosario provide shelter to numerous animals community currently living on the streets, especially in times of winter, is that progress has been made in the program.

So, it authorises the NGOS for Animal Protection, with legal status, to install “cuchas or shelter for animals of the community, whose cost of installation and maintenance will be borne by all of them. The cuchas will be installed in squares, parks and sidewalks that do not disturb the habitual pedestrian circulation, as established by the ordinance.

The Council authorized the installation of "cuchas" to animals ... - (press Release) (Registration) 1
There is a shelter in the Park Urquiza for the dogs that live there

The construction should use materials and thermal resistant to withstand inclement weather and are comfortable. In addition, display a poster with a number of existing regulations and identification number.

“The situation of homelessness, the locals build shelters precarious that the animals use to shelter from the inclement weather. A dog house is provided, it is a symbol of what many people can and do make for a group as vulnerable, because they spend part of their time and their money to the care and survival of the animals”, says the approved text.

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