The Council recognized the associations of protective animals – Noti Fe

In commemoration of the International Day of the Animal the Council recognized that various associations of the city goes into the care and protection for animals. The activity was an initiative of the President of the Council, Sebastian Pignata, who led the event, accompanied by the councillor Marcela Aeberhard, Luke Maguid, John Cesoni and Frank Ponce de Leon.

The awards were given to Maria Cristina Pagani representing S. O. S Horses, Horacio Gómez and Jorge Iribas by ADDERA, Vanesa Gurdulich by the Association santa fe humane and Gabriel Piedrabuena in the name of Dignity to the Animal.

He also had a special tribute to the Veterinarian Doctor Carlos Curzi, in recognition of his track record in regards to the protectionism of animals. Curzi, also received the recognition of post-mortem of his team mate, friend and colleague, Dr. Reuben Bagnaroli.

All of them were greatly excited, and grateful, stressed the interest of the councillors and expressed his joy at this recognition of the daily work, a lot of effort and perseverance, which makes them feel accompanied in this fight.

For his part, the President of the Council, Sebastian Pignata, referred especially to the role occupied by women, “leading and putting the body in most of the cases in the different associations”.

Pignata also stressed that “it is important the work carried on by the different institutions which in recent times have achieved the awareness on the part of the society, of the importance of responsible ownership, the visualization of the problem in the media and making understand to the officials the importance of their task for the public health and the benefits it brings to animals and to the population.”

“We want to express our support in their task, working from our place in all that is necessary, and we hope to be giving you a little more power to all of them to continue with this work so worthy,” concluded the President of the Council.

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