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The City Council of Resistance, through the Advisory Board Animal Protection and in conjunction with the protective institution, the Club Of The Discas and the foundation the City is Clean, were held this Saturday in the club Hindu to carry on the day of adoption responsible, rabies vaccination free of charge and talks of raising awareness about pet care, in a charity event to benefit the Casa Garrahan and disabled animals.

The festival of solidarity was organized by the Club of The Discas and the Advisory Council on Animal Protection has supported the initiative by making a new day of adoption responsible, accompanying were also provided free vaccinations and information sessions about diseases, feeding, breeds, and vaccination campaigns, about the importance of adoption, responsible pet and its care, on the adoption of disabled dogs and life with them, as well as a pet parade, live shows and giveaways.

The mayor Alicia Frías, coordinator of the Advisory Council of the Animal Protection highlighted the work that was carried out during the last few months with the days of decision responsible, vaccination, and castration in the different neighborhoods of Resistance. “Today, we are collaborating with the Club of The Discas that is an integral part of what is the Board of Animal Protection and with the House Garrahan foundation and the City is Clean, so during the afternoon we also received donations, both for the club and for the House Garrahan”, said Cold.

During the afternoon there was the parade of pets which is already a tradition in all the days of adoptions: “On this occasion, the parade was made by the dogs that make up the club of The Discas. During the parade, each one told his story, as lived, as they met their moms perrunas and from there some of them told the public how it is to live with one of The Discas to make people aware of how important it is to the animal which is a living being and it is essential that their well-being,” concluded the councillor.


The puppies club of The Discas were the main protagonists of the event.

Nancy Miner, one of the members of the guardian commented that part of the club a long time ago but that only two months ago, is the mother of one of the “Dials”. “Lizzy was found in a path of the Currents, people who found they could not take care of it so I decided to embrace it and is now part of my family,” said Nancy.

In this sense, Nancy was of the view that one of the objectives of the club is to «make people aware of the need of the animals that live on the street, especially when they are disabled, because they are even more underprivileged.»

“We are a group of 30 people that we hold for advice, we try to compensate for the needs of each and do this type of event is to try to provide information and get people aware of animal rights and that what is important is that we get involved, people will be encouraged to adopt and how important it is to the castration. We also want to encourage you to adopt a dial, that though it is a work that is a bit hard warms the soul and you fill it with tenderness and you realize that you can really move forward, they show us this every day,” he added.

The Council for Animal Protection organized a day of adoption ... - Journal Chaco 1


During the event one of the stands that participated was that of the Casa Garrahan. There, volunteers received donations of non-perishable food and cleaning items and explained to the public about the work that they do in the building and from the foundation the City is Clean.

In the meantime, Horacio Caputo, who represented the foundation, the City is Clean and House Garrahan, explained that «5 months ago, the House Garrahan is providing service to families with the goal of providing the necessary accompaniment to the patients of the Pediatric Hospital and the family members who accompany them».

“We are providing service in this first stage with 9 rooms with private bathroom, living room, sum, kitchen, dining room, already in a second stage, when enable the entire work, will be 27 rooms in total,” said Caputo, and added: “The idea is to give it to the mother, a series of workshops that we organize with volunteers, nutrition, cooking, basic aspects of hygiene and sanitation, fabrics and crochet, we also want to incorporate a workshop of computing”.

Caputo also pointed out that the contact with the Presidency of the Council and the day of adoption of the Council of Animal Protection came into being with Thérèse Fliter, club Discas, who came forward and made the proposal to be able to participate in the day and the possibility that you donate non-perishable food and cleaning products, something which Caputo argued: “it Is what is used the most in the house, and the truth that we are very pleased with the donations. We are very happy because the response of the people is what we expected. The casa Garrahan was formed with people that contributes its bit in bringing his help, with volunteers who contribute to the work. It is a project that integrates all the sectors, it is the community helping itself,” concluded Horacio Caputo.

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