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El extraño caso de los perros azules en la India

The presence of at least five dogs color blue has raised alarm in India.

In the suburbs of the populous city of Mumbai, a person filmed the dogs with its distinctive color. In a matter of hours, the video was viralizó by the networks, leading to the claim of neighbours and NGOS.

How could he pass this up? The answer seems to lie in the river Kasadi, close to the area of Taloja, in the township of Navi Mumbai, where the port is the largest industrial India.

As reported by the local media , the Hindustan Times, the area has close to 1,000 factories for pharmaceuticals, food and engineering.

A test of water quality carried out by the Municipal Corporation Navi Mumbai found that the treatment of waste was inadequate.

He explained that the levels of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) – the concentration of oxygen necessary to maintain aquatic life – was 80 milligrams per liter (mg / L). The levels of chloride, which are toxic, and damage vegetation, aquatic life, and wildlife, were also high, said the site belongs to.

“Despite numerous complaints to the MPCB in the passing of the years, ( … ), pollution levels remain extremely high and the oxygen present is negligible,” he said with yogesh Pagade, a member of a local fishing community, which carried out the study last year.

On Wednesday, the humane society of Navi Mumbai took photos of a dog whose skin had been dyed blue. The group submitted their claim to the next day before the Pollution Control Board of Maharashtra (MPCB), arguing that the animals in the area were suffering because the dyes were released directly into the river by factories as industrial.

“It was awful to see how the white skin of the dog had become completely blue,” said Arati Chauhan, a resident of Navi Mumbai, who runs the humane society. “We have detected five of these dogs here and we have asked the board of control of the pollution act against such industries,” he said.


For their part, officials of MPCB said that they had taken cognizance of the case.

“Allow the discharge of dye in any body of water is illegal. We are going to take measures against the polluters, who are destroying the environment,” said Anil Mohekar, regional officer of MPCB. “We’ve sent our official sub-regional research”, he added.

The activists of the rights of animals, however, have wondered if the answer has not come too late.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, in August 2016, the fishermen were concerned that the contaminated water of the river, was seriously affecting the amount of fish.

“Until now we’ve only seen blue dogs. We don’t know if the birds, reptiles and other creatures are affected, or if they have died even due to that the dye is discharged in the air,” said Chauhan.

In fact, after the reports listed above, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) decided to act and went to look for the five dogs to know their status. One of them was already blind.

“We picked up this dog first, because he is blind due to the coloring. Now you will have to submit to a blood test, as this will help us to understand how the chemicals in the river have been affected, “ he told Hindustan Times Dr. Sanjay Jadhav, a member of the SPCA.

The strange case of the blue dogs in India - lagranepoca 1

According to the data obtained by the NGO Watchdog Foundation through the right to information, there are 977 factories of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, engineering and food processing in the industrial area of Taloja, outside Mumbai.

The industrial effluents of 347 small and medium industries -which comprise mainly chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food processing – are treated in an Effluent Treatment Plant, Common (CETP).

Officials of MPCB that inspected the area on Friday said that a private company adjacent to the CETP is using blue dye for multiple purposes, including the manufacture of detergents.

“The area is already locked to the public and is very close to the private company. However, between five and six dogs entered in the site in search of food and so they obtained the color blue,” he said Jayavant Hajare, sub regional officer, MPCB Navi Mumbai.

“We have warned the owners of the company to make sure that no animal can re-enter”, added.

Hajare said that he would also have told the company to immediately stop the discharge of the dye. “We have given to the company seven days to clean up the contaminants of the site. If not removed, then we will issue a notice,” he said.

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