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The Commission on Responsible ownership and Animal Welfare (Cotryba) reported Friday that designed the National Program of Dog Population Management, which “focuses on reducing the dog population in Uruguay to levels that do not pose a risk to the country from the point of view of health nor economic, as well as to design instruments are essential to promote their well-being and holding responsible”. The program involves, among other measures, “castration massive and obligatory registration” of dogs.

“You don’t have that program, because it does not have funding; therefore, it is simply an expression of desire,” he told the daily the veterinarian Gaston Cossia, deputy and alternate for the National Party. He pointed out that in its two years of existence, the Cotryba “did nothing”: “Not spayed a dog, did not put a microchip or started a campaign of dissemination or adoption”. In addition, he noted that, although article 87 of the draft law of Accountability states that 60% of the funds raised by the patents of dogs –when exceeding the 120,000– by the National Commission Honoraria de Zoonosis is going to be intended for the Cotryba, over ten years ago that does not exceed that figure, so that “it is impossible to think that the Cotryba go to take money” that way.

Last week, the owner of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP), Tabaré Aguerre, said that in Uruguay there is 1.750.000 dogs, an amount “grossly disproportionate” and should “be a mechanism” to keep the dogs that do not put the chip to record. In this framework, the hierarch was consulted about whether the solution was to go back to the “kennel”, and he replied that “the problem is that the kennel interpreted as a machine for the extermination of dogs was a mistake”, because it was “an instrument that put order in society when an animal didn’t have a fork responsible, and what was staying in some place”.

Cossia was of the view that Aguerre has “no idea” of the topic. “He is rice: if you have weeds in their fields, failure of the machine and pulls out the weeds. It is believed that dogs are a weed, and it is not so, it is animal life that we have to protect. But, in addition, cannot say that he is going to remove the dogs from the public highway and will provide a protective [of animals], because all of them are over-stretched work and are non-governmental organizations, private who do not receive the slightest support from the State,” he said.

He was also critical of Aguerre Juan Echavarría, Homeless Animals, who told the daily that they will capture all of the dogs, and can be kept in “kennels well understood”, not decrease the population of animals, since the solution is to carry out “mass campaigns and mandatory castration”.

Finally, Cossia was asked how many chips you are going to buy the MGAP “to place in neighborhoods vulnerable”. “Who’s going to go to the Marconi to put the chips to the dogs? Who is going to give the microchip to the animal protectors that have thousands of dogs? That is what we have to talk. Who is going to finance the 170,000 castrations free of charge that we have to do? Because in the world it is studied that for there to be a reduction of the dog population, at least there is that 10% of castration massive free over a year”, he concluded.

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