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The Refuge is a protective AlmerÃa that takes more than 20 years rescuing dogs in distress. Despite its long experience, the animals do not cease to surprise, especially because of the unconditional love that you always show. A few days, the protective compartiÃ3 a story that bristles the skin and, as they explained, “nos forces you to reflect on how much we have to learn from a species so close to us as the perrosâ€�.

We are referring to the history of Aston Mastin, an abandoned dog, in a roundabout AlmerÃa that pasÃ3 7 days waiting for his owner to come back to pick it up.

The Refuge has wanted to share the history of Aston Mastin through the documentary “Aunque leave me, follow© your ladoâ€�, that have been posted on his Youtube channel and that already brings more than 25 thousand views.

Demonstrating his faithfulness

As is explained in the documentary, Aston Mastin left him in a roundabout Adra, AlmerÃa. Demonstrating his faithfulness, the animal was waiting 7 long days to his owner, but éste no apareciÃ3. Luckily, some neighbors gave him to eat and helped him. We must emphasize to Salvador and Pili, the two people that not only gave the voice of alarm, but also helped to can.

A new family

Thanks to these two lovers of animals and to the people of the organizaciÃ3n of the refuge, which intercediÃ3 by él, Aston Mastin already has a new family. From now on, the animal vivirà in Madrid with two kids. And even if one of them had a fear of dogs, are delighted with their new pet. In the image of the beginning you can see Aston Mastin with his new owner.



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