THE TIME (Basin) A way of rescue for animals on the ARK – Ecuador Immediately (press Release)

Rescued dogs found in the shelter of Pichacay will have a place to go

Four foundations animalists will form a community of care for the pets rescued, among them is the ARK, which has days to vacate his refuge at Pichacay. The initiative account for the time being with municipal support.

So reported yesterday the councilor Gabriela Brito, who will be at the front of the process for shaping the Community and the procedures for obtaining a municipal land that allows the construction of a management center.

“We are confident that a solution will be found, the formula will talk this week, we’re in that process of dialogue”, said Valentina León, director of the foundation of the ARK.

Furry friends both FAAN and the Shelter’s best friend join to this community, that seeks to provide a space of at least 500 animals rescued from the city, who do not have a home.


“At this point the proposal is not just for ARCA, but a unit with other associations that have shelters,” said Leon. Binds them to one factor in common, they all have problems of space.

According to Brito, “the Mayor has been expressed around that will support a community that is protective and has asked me to take charge of the process.”

He added that there is the provision, including financial, for the purchase of land for the community, in which the foundations will be in charge of managing the day-to-day.

“This week we will draw a roadmap to create the community that not only passes through the refuge, but also by the application of the ordinance. There is the opening,” said Brito.


Although the proposal takes its first steps, “there are still outstanding debts,” said the councilman. The financing of future shelter is one of them.

Catalina León adds that only in the ARK is in need of around $ 4,000 per month for food and care, this is without counting the help of the public, “which always supports us with food for pets”.

Nor is there a field defined, this despite the fact that the departure of the ARK of the Pichacay still attached to the end of 2017. “There is still nothing concrete, but we hope this week will give a definition,” says Leon.

There are also conceptual issues. Brito states that it is necessary to overcome the vision of a “city dog pound”, one of the projects planned for the implementation of the municipal ordinance, according to the councillor.

“What we want is the construction of the Center for Management of Domestic Animals, we reject the initiative of a municipal kennel, that it is unworthy for the animals, we need a space where they ensure the well-being of pets,” he emphasized. (JPM) (I)

The reality of the ARK

Basin. More than the inclusion in the ordinance animalistic of a provision for the eviction, the Commission of Environmental Management justified his decision by asserting that the shelter had overcrowding and the situation of the animals was not the best.

To disprove this, Valentina Leon opened the doors of the shelter technicians, and the media through a tour made yesterday morning.

Veterinarians certified that the weight and state of health of the animals is optimal, each one has three square feet of individual space to more areas of the community, which belies your over-crowding. In addition, despite the fact that the shelter was initially intended to 150 canes, this was expanded to a capacity of 300 animals.

The number of pets rescued fluctuates between 280 and 300, the revenues are over 600 animals per year and adoptions have an average of 480, said Leon.

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