They also suffer the cold wave –

Our pets also suffer from the low temperatures for which veterinarians provide some recommendations. In the fan page of a humane society, reported that two dogs died from hypothermia.

They also suffer the cold wave - 1Photo: Illustration –

In the fan page of the humane Society of Villarrica/Paraguay shared a case where two dogs would have died product of the low temperatures.

«Their owner is irresponsible or a cardboard do not put them. To take care of their animals and be aware,» says the user who made the complaint.

In the first place, the veterinarians will recommend shelter animals at this polar front, and to the extent possible, analyse if the pet can stay inside the house or in a place acobijado with blankets during the night and early morning.

For his part, also advised to reduce the frequency of the baths, as well as the hair cuts.

Another point for special attention is that cats and dogs are protected from low temperatures under the car, so that before starting, it is encouraged to check if they are hidden between the shock absorber or on the wheels of the wheeled.

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