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Although the allegations against the animal abuse in the meat industry, dairy and clothing (among others) are neither new nor minor, this documentary is about the veganism with a critical and skeptical, as his director, Ed Seems, was not a vegan, nor even vegetarian, at the start of the shoot.

“If a dog has feelings, surely a pig, a cow or a chicken also be” raise a young filmmaker in barcelona. “And, of course, would never be able to eat me Sammy (his dog), or put you away for life in a cage,” he adds.

The simple process of documenting, performing, and decant all the footage collected, along with the conversations with his friend Jenny, collaborator of FAADA (foundation for the protection of animals that he directs the film), it serves the own Seems to contrast their doubts about vegan diets and vegetarian, as well as the possibilities that exist today to live a life with respect for the animals.

“A series of new precepts that will affect the way you eat, dress, to the products that they consume and even their entertainment, and that will clash with their immediate environment: family, friends, and coworkers,” says the summary of the film, which is already starting to turn on to film festivals around the world.

The data

Millions of animals are reared in industrial systems intensively for human consumption. Many of these animals living in deplorable living conditions: overcrowding, social groupings, artificial, limitation of movement, inadequate diets… These situations generate environments that are not natural to the animals that impact decisively on the conditions of their lives and pose an assault on their rights. The food industry and the fur industry are responsible for most of the intensive-breeding.

  • Each year they kill 95,000 and millions of animals in the world for human consumption. Which means that you are sacrificing 3,000 animals every second.
  • You need 900 kg of grain to produce meat than to feed a person for a year. However, if that person were to consume the grain directly, you would only need 180 kg
  • Between 60% and 70% of the catches of fisheries around the world are intended for the feeding of cattle.

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