In Veracruz, there is no census of animals in neglect: Alderman – Image of the Gulf (press Release) (Subscription) (blog)

Although there is the proliferation of stray dogs and cats especially in the colonies far there is not a census of the number of animals in this situation of abandonment. The only thing you can do to try to stop it is sterilization.

The alderman tenth second with the commission on Ecology and the Environment, José González reinforces this statement provided by the association for the protection of animals The Rock saying not to post the copies on the street, only there are communities that rally.

The town Hall from his stage management has generated campaigns permanent sterilization and vaccination to combat the problem, however, is not enough there has to be a change in culture, says the mayor.

“If you don’t have space and time to bring another being to live with you. A pet is preserved from this time until they die,” he warns.

The case of the poisoning of 8 cats with the toxic substance called “one Thousand eighty” both for animals and for humans in the area of the Ecological park is still unresolved, the Office has not done justice to whoever is responsible.

In contrast to the discomfort of the alleged residents of the area that they got rid of the cats there are also people who are concerned for the welfare of defenseless animals less fortunate as it is the case of The Rock.

From 14 years ago its founder, Norma Curtain help to the animals in condition of abandonment or loss with your protective association better known as The Rock.

With its own resources maintained at 300 copies between dogs and cats both in his house located on November 20, as in the hostel official but non-governmental that was donated in Paso del Toro, Medellin, in the ejido La Esperanza in the path of the river Cotaxtla.

The creator of the association comments that this land was donated by the state government in the time of Fidel Herrera, and with great sacrifice built to protect dogs and cats.

Every day you have to feed 300 animals for what is required 3 sacks of 25 kg as well as the payment of 3 workers that take care of animals in the shelter, which is equivalent to 50 thousand pesos per month.

Norma explains that there is no budget allocated to the help to animals in terms of road by the authorities or for support of hostels, she seeks to establish it on their own.

“They are gentle with permissions, benches, chairs for events, but the courtesy is not money”, contrasted.

The protective obtains resources to be able to keep the animals through raffles, recycling, events, excursions, bingo, kermesses, events such as ‘the Perretón’, all to help the most needy in this case are animals.

Norm explains that people have to make conscience, it is wrong to abandon an animal, what we do reflects who we are.

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