In Mexico, a tradition ahead of human life: Activists – and-query Veracruz

Xalapa, Ver.- In Mexico they want to put in front of “an alleged tradition of 40 years really is nothing,” with the completion of the release of the bulls “above human life”, the sample is that there was a young injured with a traumatic brain injury in the festivities of the Santa Maria Magdalena during the weekend and that “there is a balance white” as stressed by the authorities, said the coordinator of Actions for the Respect and Protection of animals (Project HARP) Lourdes Jimenez Mora.

Stated that all types of activities, “aggressive” against the animals must have implied an “aggression” against the human beings that is why the advocacy organizations speak out against these actions.

“There was a victim, every year in Mexico we see that type of situations, even we don’t understand why people are still putting forward a supposed tradition that does not have more than 40 years, really nothing, what continues to be put ahead of the lives of many young people who come to the village, and of the animals themselves is very regrettable,” he said.

Jimenez Mora explained that to be a young man smitten with a state of health “stable but serious” and now boarding at the Center of High Specialty (CAE) “Dr. Rafael Lucio” the authorities of the state government and the city of Xico can’t say to the public that in the holidays we got a balance white, as reported Sunday.

He recalled that the Sunday afternoon began to circulate a video recording captured by a wizard to the fiestas of Mexico, showing as the fighting bull gore a young man, he tosses his head and falls on the pavement; later it is aided in and out of the Hidalgo street where took place the event “running of the Bulls and Capes of bullfighting” by the local town hall.

“There it is, the balance white that they said they had. Now in social networks a video where we demonstrate that there is a balance white, there is a young man with a traumatic brain injury at the Center of High Medical Specialties that has been reported stable, but serious, hopefully not to pass over,” she said.

Jimenez Mora emphasized that the Animal Protection law for the state of Veracruz was raped by the authorities of the city of Mexico, even when you have changed the name of “Release the bulls” for the “running of the Bulls and capes of the bulls”, because from the moment that man is causing “Stress” to the animal, there is already abuse.

“The actions of the authorities speak of a total lack of knowledge of the law, because subject the animal to stress, activity, frail, and the operating of the Office for the protection of Animals, perhaps they expected to see the severity of abuse that we saw in Tlacotalpan, but there is ignorance because the bull that used for the reservoir is completely different from the fighting bull, this one is more aggressive before the assault, unaware of the animals,” he said.

Finally the Project coordinator Harp made a call to the governor Miguel Angel Yunes Linares for you to meet with activists of the animal life, scientists and academics who for decades have fought to remove Mexico from the list of countries where mistreating the animals.


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