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The ill treatment of human beings to the dogs reach the end of hurt to get rid of them, even stacking them on the street when and even throwing boiling water, but many of them found shelter in the shelter of The Rock.

The president of the Protective Association of Animals of the same name, Norma Fabiola Curtain Pérez, in her 14th year at the front and does not finish surprising.

He regretted that there is ingratitude to the animals that one day gave them joy, and, worse still, that there is so much evil as it is for attacking them when they are old and sick, and abandon them.

“There are all kinds of. On Wednesday, he got a bull terrier about to give birth. On the morning of Thursday, had already given birth to 7 puppies. Came in a degree of malnutrition, completely a skeleton. Also a kitten that took me two months, and was born in the street; another dog with a tumor on an elbow.

“All the time come in with mange, ticks and fleas, malnourished, scared; sometimes with an injury in the spine, tremendous, that I fan of boiling oil or boiling water people. There’s a lot of cruelty toward them,” said Cortina Perez.

He mentioned that many barely have time to get to the hostel and instantly cease to live.

The responsible of The Rock said that the Law for the Protection of animals is a good intention, but in fact it is difficult to be fulfilled and do justice against those who mistreat you.

“You have to go to make the complaint personally to have validity and not think of it as a lawsuit from neighbors. That makes it difficult for the animal to have justice.

“What I do is bring them to the shelter to have a chance to calm down first, because it is a therapy for emotional what they need to know that not all humans have so much lack of understanding,” explained Cortina Perez.

Reported that The Rock houses at this time 300 dogs whose maintenance is burdensome because many of and require ingenuity to gather resources.

This may 29 will be held the RECICAN in a shopping center located on avenida Miguel Angel de Quevedo (the Ring road) and Yánez, where people will be able to provide cardboard, paper, books, disused; plastic pet bottles; aluminum, copper and other waste to sell them and get resources.

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