Enlist fair adoption dog in Morelia – Quadratín Michoacán – Quadratín Michoacán

MORELIA, Mich., February 8, 2017.- With the aim of promoting the adoption of dogs and cats, and with the conviction that friends to adopt and not buy the civil association Brother Animal, will conduct its fourth festival that will take place in the gardens of Ceconexpo Sunday 12 of this year from 12:00 to 14:00 hours, with free entry.

The event will feature various areas, among them, one where they give up for adoption more than 20 dogs rescued by the association, which are ready to be delivered to families dewormed, vaccinated and sterilized, says a press release.

Also will have booths selling items both for pets as for people, posts, vegetarian food, celebration and games for the children, in this sense Brother Animal stressed that the proceeds will be used to continue rescuing and helping the animals in your shelter.

You will also receive in-kind donations for the shelter association thank you kibbles of dog and cat, cleaning materials, belts, necklaces, and blankets.
Hope to see you this Sunday so that together we strengthen the culture of respect for the rights of animals, attend with your family and remember a pet is unconditional love.

Canine Association Malaga

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