Poisoning of dogs reopens the debate – Mail-South

Or n case of poisoning of dogs was resurfaced yesterday the discussion about what to do with the dogs in the street, the irresponsibility of the owners and the lack of action by the authorities. The director of the Association for the protection of Animals San Roque, Vilma Chavarria, described the fact as biocidio, said that they had no mercy on a pregnant dog and another with fry and called on authorities to apply the Law 6015.

Yesterday morning were poisoned seven dogs, one block before reaching the college of Faith and Joy, in avenida Germán Mendoza. Some people said that a neighbor led to the slaughter by using strychnine, which is sold without any kind of control by immediate vicinity of the farmers market.

Also killed some pigeons pecked the vomit of dogs, while other animals are risked to drink the water in the puddle where they were poisoned. Chavarria said he will not stop until you punish the guilty.

In this regard, the head of Environment the Mayor’s office, Alexis Montellano, said the poisoning is not the way to proceed with the canes and recalled that it is Zoonosis, which fulfils the function of capture by protocol, holding for up to 72 hours to be claimed by their owners or given in adoption, and if not proceeds with the elimination of a dignified and without pain.

But beyond the case, held that the animalist prevent them from developing their work. “The information of the operating and the catches are filtered out of our office and they interfere with our work by making blockades and demonstrations. Go to the kennel and bring the dogs that have to be euthanized using euthanasia, with the lie to give them in adoption, and then return them out to the streets,” he lamented.

He also recalled that offer the service of free spay / neuter of dogs and proceeds with the sanction of the owners are irresponsible.

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