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Are going out little by little, the voices about what happened with the event of the horses died Tuesday after suffering a spinal injury which caused her to hours later, his death.

The criticism erupted immediately mainly since the protective of animals and even kept for tomorrow, a mobilization in front of the door of access of the Rural by Lucas Obes, starting at 15 hours, which puts a cloak of nervousness about the consequences that can bring about this type of actions, and fundamentally at that time anticipating that it will be a day of full total as these three above.

The owner of the horse, as well as the Event Manager of the Municipality, Gerardo reyes, the veterinarian stationed in the Rural Luis Modernell and all personnel linked to the trick riding, agree that it was an accident. The injury of this animal, (trauma with spinal cord compression at the cervical level) occurred on Monday night while conducting the tests of trick riding called “flown”, which ranked the riders to be included in the next year on the grid master.

Discarded obviously human error because despite being “blown up”, those who work in the palenques, apadrinadores and even your own riders are not novices, just looking for a chance next year but they know of these issues.

The Commission of Animal Welfare (Cotryba) received the complaint about the incident and then released by taking public status. The commune in a statement released Tuesday, argues that the decision was made to continue the activities as planned, although committed to a large round table that includes associations of protective to “reopen discussion on trick riding”.

The fact as claimed by the own involved, I leave it to all evil, sorrow, because all in all it is an animal, which forms part of this activity and it is not cute to die as a result of a pony.

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