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For about a year and a half, there is an NGO in San Juan, which is dedicated to taking care of the horses that are victims of abuse. It is called «Equine Rescue», and constantly collaborates with the police to raise the awareness of owners and ultimately restoring it.

«Our priority is the care and rescue of horses. Each one of us is usually to come usually another protective group, usually dogs. We begin to see ourselves in different interventions with horses and we decided to meet for help from another point», he told Newspaper La Provinica, one of the founding members, Eduardo Aguero.

While there are many mayors who are working to end the traction to blood there are others who, for example, stopped collecting debris with their truck to save money, and with this contribute to the work of the carreteleros. «The biggest job we have on the street, with the carreteleros. We do not disagree with that persons working with the animal but yes that is abused. It tends to confuse the work with the abuse. Through our page on Facebook we receive complaints, we check and once we proceed, we are dedicated to the care and assistance of the animal. It is not only able to kidnap him, is the last instance. We try to make people understand that while working with that, should have a greater care with the horses. If they do not, we will proceed with the kidnapping of the animal,» he added.

The intervention is conducted and supported by the police, after raising the complaint. «There is a criminal law that has to do with the animal abuse that is, through which we proceed, not only to kidnapping, but that we make the corresponding complaint. While it is a crime excarcelable, because the penalties are 1 to 3 years, we rely on it to do the operations».

With the amount of rescues they perform, a need for a farm very large to be able to accommodate them, so they rely on the help of people who are responsible. «Our association is composed of many contributors, and some of them have farms that provide for us the space to hold the horses until the judge decides if he should return to the owner or not. In the meantime, we have to take care of the maintenance in terms of feeding and veterinary care. We work with the veterinarian Paul Benavídez, which is to our knowledge is the best in the province in terms of horses».

The organization does not receive any kind of subsidy, but is maintained thanks to the contribution of the members. «We have different types of partners, are assets, which contribute $50, guards $100 and sponsors of $200. It is thanks to them that you can buy the medication and maintenance. Because whenever we pick up a new horse is because it is in a very bad condition and back to health, which involves a significant expense».

However, the cost to maintain the health of a horse is high, as daily, spends about $100 alone in a bale of grass. It is for this reason that frequently carry out activities to raise funds. «This Thursday 25 of May we are going to do a fair american in the Neighborhood Camus and a soup. Those who are interested in collaborating, you can contact us through a message on our Facebook«.

Traditional activities

In addition to the rescues usual, they also work to control the good condition of the animals at different events. «Very recently we were doing the support on the Ride the Deceased’s Belt, and it was a big expenditure because it tried around 4 thousand horses».

«While we are not in accord even with the domas or with the trick riding, and much less with the rides, yes we are, where are the horses, that’s why we partnered with the Federation of rio grande do Sul», said the protectionist.

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