Spain: hunter shut up to nine dogs in his car and died … – The Popular

22 August 2017 15:00 pm.

The man is capable of performing the worse atrocities in the world and a sample of this is what made a ruthless hunter against ten dogs in Spain.

A young hunter shut up to ten dogs in a car, in a street of Córdoba, and all died by suffocation.

Only one can survive, and now is in a humane society.

The police of that place of Spain forced the young man to open the car and what he found inside was a horrible sight: five dogs were without life, and four others had breathing problems.

In accordance with the first information, the dogs were locked in the car at a temperature of 40 degrees: they had no ventilation and not even water.

Four dogs were taken to a veterinary, to treat of salvardos, but could not.

A party that fights against animal abuse (Pacma) will report to the hunter, and are willing to ask for the maximum penalty against him, «which caused the death agony of nine dogs of suffocation».

Will also take measures, the Federation of Associations of Protective of Animals of Cordoba (Fapac), which calls for a law against animal abuse in that country.

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