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Specialists of Nation disclosed the canine population Madryn - El Diario de Madryn 1Accompanied by his brother Gustavo, and officials from the Cabinet of the municipality, mayor Ricardo Sastre cruised the neighborhood Peron, where he made an extensive campaign of neuter mass of pets, and said that “for us is an activity that is more than important, it is a commitment that we assume with entities such as APAM, always trying to raise awareness about responsible ownership and, of course, activate the mechanisms that allow us to continue to move forward; in addition to the Protective Madryn, involved always, also, the neighborhoods through the department of Neighborhood Boards”.
In addition, he said that “we deeply value the response of the neighbors,” and that “the castration of mass today (Saturday) had a turnout impressive; the professionals in charge of the tasks they sought to reach the 200 castrations, is an extremely useful tool to talk about responsible ownership, and the commitment that they have to have the neighbors and the State to these issues”.
In addition to the massive campaign held Saturday in the School 222, which was to achieve 200 castrations thanks to the use of surgical techniques abbreviated, there are the First Days of Free Training in Surgical Techniques of Abbreviated, by the veterinarian doctor Carlos Baamonde, and there was a Free Vaccination in the barrio Perón and Castration in the Park of Agroforestry.
This week, in addition, will arrive representatives of “ProTenencia”, from Nation to conduct a survey that forms part of the statistics with regard to the dog population.

Vicente Lopez to Madryn

The activities were driven by the Municipality of Puerto Madryn through the Directorates of Veterinary medicine and Zoonoses and Neighborhood Boards, in conjunction with the Association for the protection of Animals (APAM).
On the one hand, it is two days of Castration Massive (the first was today, Saturday, the second Sunday morning) from 8 to 18 hours in the SUM-of-School 222, located in Albarracín 621 corner Marzullo of barrio Perón.
In the framework of these activities, it is performed the First few Days of Free Training in Surgical Techniques Abbreviated. In this way, simultaneously, the Director of Public Service of Health Animal of the Zoonosis Vicente López, veterinarian Carlos Baamonde, will provide classes on surgical techniques abbreviated. They are aimed at veterinarians and protectionist interested in learning both the circuit and the organization to reach to campaigns of castration of an average number of 100 animals per day.
The conferences recorded in the joint work and standing of the Municipality, and APAM, and are an extension of the 1st Conference on Training in Programs of Population Control of Urban Fauna were carried out on 2 and 3 June in the Lounge Heroes of the Malvinas Bingo City.
The activities attended by veterinarians from the city of Trelew, Rawson, Villa la Angostura, Sarmiento and professionals of our city.
From the Municipality reminded the neighbors that are interested in participating in any of the Campaigns Castrations scheduled that they shall take their pets with fasting twelve hours, also will attend with collar, leash and muzzle and a blanket to be used on pets after surgery. This last requirement is crucial to maintaining warm to the animals, because after the surgery, the pet is living in a low-temperature body, which is why we have gone to extremes care.

More of a presence in the neighborhoods

In addition, Sastre visited and shared a lunch with neighbors of the sector of The Fences, in order to continue to maintain a dialogue and a link that is taking a long time ago.
“It’s an activity that for us is completely normal. I and some officials or the case of my brother Gustavo, we are sharing meetings, dinners, lunches, with neighbors of different sectors. The weekend had begun with a meeting with Pastors, to the night, this Saturday, we had lunch at The Fences, and so we go walking all the time every corner of Madryn. When one speaks of ‘Present State’, as well as the Municipality reaches to the neighborhoods, they must reach the officials and we who have public responsibilities, because for something to occupy the place that we occupy. That presence in the neighborhoods is something that we are never going to decline,” admitted the Chief City.

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