“We hope that people will come, see, and interact with the … – The Southerner


Said Judith Abalos, the protective Few Fleas. This Saturday, from 15:00 to 18:00 at the premises of the Deliberative Council, this and other protective will be a day of dog adoption. The event, in addition to allowing the community to enter into contact with the animals waiting for a home, seeking to promote responsible pet ownership.

“We hope that people will come, see, and interact with the ... - The Southerner 1

RIO GRANDE.- The day will be at the premises of the Deliberative Council of the Rio Grande from 15:00 to 18:00. The protective take you to all the adult dogs and puppies that have for the people, you see, and if you can, take.

In total will lead to more than 20 adult dogs, and so many other puppies. But the emphasis will be on animals that have long been waiting for a home. In addition, those who already have pets but want to get closer to assist in other ways, will also welcome: “we’re Going to be receiving donations, food, collars, cushites, whatever. And then there is also the idea, along with the people of Pauline Rossi that is helping us, so that even if they can’t take one of the puppies to your home, can apadrinarlo. From visiting it, walking around. So if you can’t adopt, you can do this too”, explained Judith Abalos, one of the organizers.

The woman said that this type of service is also very much needed for the animals: “in the houses transit is not so much, but in places as a Guard Animal, or Shelter, to the Park they always ask people they can go to play with the animals, making them a mime, take care of the needs of any dog specifically, as the food, walking around, or take him to the vet”.

The proposal, moreover, is to begin to make these days of adoption once a month. The event will count with the participation of the protectors of the city and the support of council member Pauline Rossi. “In addition to having the puppies there will be a girl who is working on the children, we are going to distribute the chocolate, there will be chocolate, as for the people who are walking around the plaza or the center is close to you and see you face-to-face to the dogs, who can touch them and interact with them.”

“Let’s see how we go, and we hope that the time will also help us. But we will be there a Few Fleas, The Refuge of the Park, the girls Love the animles, Legs to the Work and AFU, only this time it’s not going to be is Guard Animal”, he added.

Judith estimates that there are currently over 200 dogs waiting for a home, and are being cared for by different protective. In addition to living as a stray in different neighborhoods, sometimes neighbors feed them, even if they can’t have them in a house, and the pups, which increase the population on a daily basis.

In regard to this issue, Judith stressed the importance of sterilizing the animals, even if they have no home: “In terms of this topic, we are thinking of asking for an ordinance to the Municipality for an extension. Because now what happens is that when llevás a dog to neuter, you chipean in your name or the name of your protective, but not always, the dog belongs to someone. And if you give us three months, the truth that we can bear to neuter all the stray dogs, because the truth that what we would like to promote is the responsible ownership, but sometimes can’t. At least at this time, we are in a state of emergency with this issue, because the puppies appear every day.”

“We hope that people will come, see, and interact with the ... - The Southerner 2

After having their puppies, Samy found her and helped the protectors, now waiting for a home.

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