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The association Adopts Lion, Saving Life, sterilized 34 dogs and 10 cats, on the outskirts of the facilities of Plaza MKDito, where from very early on, dozens of local residents were formed to take a tab and wait for the turn that would change his life and that of your pet.

“If you purchase a life respétala, take care if you do not, do not buy anything,” said Michelle Gonzalez, founder of the association, who founded it Adopts a Lion, Saving Lives five years ago, with the goal of ending gradually with the increase of animals on the street.

So far this year, Michelle together with their team have made 11 sterilization programs, which have been successful because the people begin to have another culture about the problem of overpopulation animal.

“We are in 2017, it is a matter of humanity to our pets and to take advantage of the government supports us to carry out this type of campaigns, responsible and concerned for the health of them,” he said.

He added, that when you sterilize your pet do you prevent some diseases, like mammary tumors and some types of cancer.

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On the other hand, the people who participated in this campaign were very happy that more and more programs that will reach close to their households to sterilize their pets and be aware of your health.

“It seems to Me very well for this campaign because it is important to sterilize them, is part of our responsibility, not only to keep them, and since, we must care for them and be aware of their needs,” said Cecilia Aboytes, who has led your pet.

The next date of this campaign of sterilization on the part of the association will be on the 17th of October in cologne, Tours of the Towers and will take place for 25 animals.


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