Sterilized pets of Lerdo – El Siglo de Torreón

Sterilized pets of Lerdo - El Siglo de Torreón 1

In the framework of the World Day of the Pet, the department of Social Prevention carried out a campaign of sterilization and vaccination free of dogs and cats in the municipality, which was developed in the main square of the city.



Cecilio Medina Elizondo, director of Social welfare said that this campaign is done with the intention of creating a culture in the care of the animals and pets of families in the municipality.

Medina stated that in this event the operation was performed of 35 pets, 200 rabies vaccine and other 180 shots desparasitante, which were conducted with full knowledge and permission of the owners and at no cost to them.

For the event, counted with the participation of the different civil associations that protect animals, as well as the participation of groups of rescuers of abandoned pets, to show that all that is done is attached to the standards of sanitation and with transparency.

Will be in next few days, when setting the exact date for the completion of a second campaign of sterilization, with which it also seeks to be able to bring it to rural areas, thus expanding the benefit to a greater number of families, seeking thereby to the preservation of the public health.

On the 28th of September it is celebrated the World Day of Pets, this initiative seeks to create awareness and eradicate cruelty to animals, pet abandonment and the consequent pet overpopulation in the streets, among other causes.

In addition, on October 4, has been instituted for the celebration of the World Day for Animal in commemoration of the Saint Francis of Assisi, regarded as the first human conceived of itself in relation with all created things, and felt, regardless of the difference, that «we are all creatures of God,» including in this all reality, animate and inanimate.

Due to this, the city Council has sought to coordinate with various organizations that protect animals to perform joint actions.

Esterilizan a mascotas de Lerdo

Flock. Perform a variety of actions for the protection and care of animals in Lerdo. (THE CENTURY TORREÓN)

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