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In a waiting room of club San Martin waiting for them to reach the time of surgery. Before entering the operating room must comply with the fasting indicated and as soon as they walk in the door that separates the two spaces, the anesthesia leaves you ready for sterilization, in charge of a group of veterinarians.

The program of free spay / neuter of animals works in Cipolletti for several years now. Currently, in addition to the center of castration that is installed in the Club San Martin and is open Monday to Friday on double shift, the management of the municipality amounted to a trailer that fulfils the function of operating room mobile and goes to the neighborhoods to carry out the sterilizations.

In total, three teams of veterinarians with auxiliary, form part of the program of castration of animals, which every day serves dozens of dogs and cats.

“So far this year already surpass the 2,100 in surgeries,” explained Matias Borda, coordinator of the program. As a result of the incorporation of more veterinarians and assistants, the statistics on sterilizations recorded a great growth already during the 2016 had practiced just to 1,200 surgeries.

Mostly it is the owners who are responsible for carrying the dogs and cats to the or municipal to be castrated. But, in the same scene and motivated by the love for animals, are the “rescuers” and independent members of the protection associations, who are generally women.

The “rescuers”

In the waiting room of Club San Martin, on a Wednesday morning, three young rescuers talk between them while waiting for their turn.

They are known visitors of the place and arrive at the programme with animals of yours that decided to adopt, with cats and dogs that live on the street or are neighbors from different neighborhoods.

Voluntarily and with their own means, many times, are responsible for putting “in transit” to a pet abandoned until placed in a home.

The love that you feel for the animals do not have holidays or schedules, and move in the water like fish by the social networks when a dog or a cat are lost and there is that reencontrarlo with its owner.

Nadia Escobar leads in a kennels a beautiful siamese cat who looks impatient for the grid before you reach the moment of castration. “It is pañaludo”, account in the waiting room and, when you take it out of the jaulín, the cat appears with a diaper-baby adjusted to the abdomen.

He was rescued when he was just a few days and a few months later a car hit by. The blow caused the animal to stop controlling sphincters and therefore uses diapers. Castration –ensures– it will help you to change your temper and stop fighting with the other cats. In addition to rescuer, Nadia is vegan. And summarizes your choice with a single sentence: “no one has to suffer for what you are going to eat.”

Iara Pailos and Araceli Marín also protect animals. This time they arrived in the operating theatre municipal with dogs that are picked up at the outlet of the 1,200 dwellings.

Iara also not eat meat and like Araceli, each day renew your commitment to the animals even if they have to give up some of their free time and –many times– to make you understand the rest, you can always make a place in the home to give you transit to a pet until someone wants to adopt it.

Control of pets

For Matias Borda, castrations performed in Cipolletti for free will give results in the medium and long term. “This is going to decrease the amount of abandoned animals. For each animal sterilized, avoid 5 more. With castrations that we have done during this year, it is estimated that we will have about 10,000 animals less. Will decrease the amount on the street as well as those who are abandoned”, he added.

The spay / neuter program free works with municipal funds. Just to buy the medication that is needed for the surgeries, the commune invests between $ 60,000 to 100,000 per month, not counting the salaries of the working people.

“Most of the medication the buy us. There is a part of the medication that is given. For example in the operating room in mobile are being immunized against rabies in all the neighborhoods we visited. These vaccines are very expensive, but were donated for Environmental Health of the province. Each animal, after which he practiced surgery in the operating room mobile, it goes with the rabies vaccine and is given the dose that is right for desparasitarlo,” said Borda.

To sterilize the animals is very important to follow all the indications given by the veterinary medical.

“The animals will recover in a short time, that further delay is out of the anesthesia, something that lasts around 40 minutes. In 90% of the animals sterilized do not return for complications,” he concluded.

In numbers


teams of veterinarians and assistants are in charge of the spay / neuter surgeries to dogs and cats.

To $ 100,000

Until that figure reverses the municipality per month in necessary medications for the animals.

The protectionist and rescuers of dogs and cats play an important role in the promotion of awareness of responsible ownership.

“Every animal, after the surgery, it goes with the rabies vaccine and is given the dose for desparasitarlo”.

Matias Borda, coordinator of the program of sterilization of the municipality.

“There are dogs very cute for adopt. Some arrive here because they are in the street and others to bring the protectionist”.

Angel Stop, keeper of the shelter dogs of the Island Jordan.


what you need to know

Fast. Pets must have 12 hours without ingesting food and water (this makes the anesthesia to take a better effect).

Females must not be in heat or pregnant.

Must have the right weight, the excess or the lack of weight in both dogs as cats can create complications during the intervention.

Can’t be sick. For example, suffering from mange, distemper, parvovirus, etc

Bring a blanket. Due to the anesthesia, the animals were much lower the temperature and it is advisable to cover them from cold.

Teams of castration: perform their duties in two shifts, from Monday to Friday, at 8 and 12, in the Club San Martín (Chile and Manuel Estrada).

The operating room mobile runs through the different neighborhoods of Cipolletti during the Tuesday and Thursday.

The shifts are requested in the health centers of each district.

Dogs on the loose are a cause of disputes between neighbours and the Municipality. The fear of

the attacks are a

of the biggest concerns.

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