These transsexual models are stripped down in favour of the rights … –

Loiza Lamers and Benjamin Melzer, a couple of models transgender origin Dutch and German respectively, they returned to make history and to focus the attention of the media then render its image for the latest campaign for the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an association that opposes the abuse and exploitation of animals.

These transsexual models are stripped down in favour of the rights ... - 1

This is the first time that transgender people appear in a campaign for the organization for the protection of animals. In it the models appear fully nude as a way to denounce the use of fur, precisely one of the slogans says: “I’d rather go naked than wear fur”; while the other says “change your wardrobe”.

Among the celebrities who have joined the cause of PETA in the past include Pamela Anderson, Tarahi P. Henson and Eva Mendes. However, this is the first time that transgender people appear in this ad seeks to raise awareness about animal abuse and to call the attention on the systematization of violence against animals, so the call to not use skins.

“Wear the skin of a tormented animal that was electrocuted, beaten, drowned or skinned alive is creepy and cruel. There are so many clothing options free of skin available, it is now more easy to have a great look without having to kill the animals,”said Loiza Lamers.

“The skin has no place in the wardrobe of anyone. We encourage all compassionate people to leave it where it belongs: to the animals,” added the young model tranny.

This is not the first time that these models transgender history, Loiza Lamers became in 2015 the first transgender woman to win the Dutch version of the reality show, Next Top Model, while in that same year Bnejamin Melzer became the first men transgender occupy the cover of the German edition of the magazine Mens Health.

Also, at the end of 2016, this pair of models, they became the image of one of the collections of the clothing brand Diesel. Like them, other figures of the modeling have begun to highlight and draw the attention of the fashion world, such as Laith Ashley Cross.

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