Evelyn Vazquez wants jail for those who abandon pets – Diario Metro de Puerto Rico

Of become Law, the Senate bill 508 (‘Special Law Against the Abandonment and Neglect of Animals in Puerto Rico’), authored by senator Evelyn Vazquez Nieves, anyone who would leave the fate of your pet, I would commit a serious crime, and would have a penalty of imprisonment for 10 years without the right to suspended sentence.

This was reported on the own legislator npp by means of a press release.

In addition to jail time, the measure provides for the imposition of a fine “not discretionary” 10 thousand dollars. Also, 20 percent of the penaltyfrom 10 thousand dollars – could be claimed by the plaintiff alleging the neglect and the abandonment of the pet.

Despite the fact that there is Law 154 for the protection of animals, the same has not been sufficient to prevent thousands of puppies and felines are abandoned to their luck in the streets of the Country, is stated in the press release that announced the scope of the bill. .

“The fact that there are thousands of domestic animals in the streets of our Country, to resist the inclemencies of the time, so cruel and inhuman, is not only a crime, in addition to sent a message grim of our consciousness and image as a developed country,” said Vazquez Nieves.

The measure, referred to the Committee of Public Safety, it seeks to establish the relevant regulations, to fines or penalties for people who practice the foregoing and the immediate implementation of the same on the Island.

“The public policy of the administration of dr. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares is very clear: to protect animals in Puerto Rico… For the first time in history, we can say that the Island has a government ‘Pet Friendly’,” said the lawmaker, who also labeled ‘Pet Friendly’ and protective of animals.

“Animals are part of our environment, are an integral part in our society and it is our responsibility to protect them… One of the issues pressing our society are interested in attending, immediately, is the problem of the overpopulation of cats and horses, of which it is estimated that there are over a million abandoned on our streets… At this time, the number of animals on our streets is alarming and if we don’t act, the situation can get worse, making more difficult the solution”, read the proposal for the Country of the governor, which provides for the creation of the Welfare Program of the Animal and a curriculum of humane Education.

Meanwhile, this Saturday, from 10:00 in the morning, celebrates the activity ‘Doogy Watch Event’, in the Plaza Colón, in the municipality of Aguadilla, where it will search for bathing 100 dogs to break the record of India, with 43 rescued dogs, and only $10.00.

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