Former police officer accused of deplorable state of the horses – Telemundo New York

NEW YORK – A former of the city of New York has been accused of animal cruelty after authorities found one horse severely malnourished and the remains of the other 11 on his farm, north of New York city.

Jeanne Ryan, forty-eight years, the owner of the farm, Argus, was accused last Friday of animal cruelty, a misdemeanor and not properly dispose of dead animals, according to the report.

The charges came after a raid carried out on the 29th of July by the Society for the protection of Animals (SPCA) of the Hudson valley on the farm of Argus, located in the city of Goshen, county of Orange.

The authorities indicated that the skeleton of a mare dead was found next to the remains of a foal of two months of the mare. Animal advocates added that a stallion demoted I was standing on the remains of the mare. The position of the stallion was closed and had no grain, grass or water, said officials of the law.

The horse had been trying to eat from a wooden window to survive, said animal advocates.

The remains of other dead horses were found in the barn and in the woods nearby.

The researchers believe that all the horses died of hunger, but to prove it through necropsies would be difficult given the degree of deterioration of the internal organs, according to the daily the Times Herald-Record of Middletown.

Ryan could face up to a year in jail for the charge of animal cruelty. The details about your employment history with the Department of Police of New York were not immediately available.

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