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Mexicali.- The health sector in Baja California urged pet owners to be responsible, seeking a good health and hygiene to prevent diseases, instead of keeping them safe within their homes.

The holder of the Secretariat of Health of the State, Guillermo Trejo Dozal stressed the importance of the owners of the pet canine or feline you are aware of the responsibility that comes with having a pet at home.

He said that in addition to food and shelter, is necessary to ensure their health, not only because it is a living being that is part of the home, but because he is in contact with its inhabitants and share the same space.

The medical officer recommended to avoid that the dogs can sleep in or located within the housing, since they may have a tick which is a transmitter of diseases such as rickettsia.

He pointed out that if there are any pets that can’t be assisted properly or is sick, may be delivered to the Center anti-rabies or any association for the protection of animals for adoption.

He added that there is a program of sterilization of females, is the surgery called hysterectomy that involves removing the ovaries, oviducts and the uterine body, which is the only effective means to curb the overpopulation of dogs and cats.

Trejo Dozal said that it also provides the sterilization of the males known as castration, which provides the advantages of reducing the aggressiveness towards other pets and prevents other diseases.

The Secretary of Health invited the citizenship to deworm the pets, as well as fumigate regularly in their homes against harmful fauna such as ticks, insects, arachnids, among others.

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