Require to Toluca to stop hunting with dogs –

Civil society organizations and protective of animals united in the movement «All life is worth», they demanded that the government of Toluca which would counteract the proliferation and uncontrolled stray dog with measures ethical and legal because currently they have acted against any rule to have engaged in crimes.

Lamented the death of four people who were attacked by a pack of feral dogs in San Mateo Otzacatipan, Toluca, and was told that it is the response to the failure of public policies to reduce the number of canines that are left to the neglect of those who grew up.

In the municipality have been given all of the conditions to continue having dogs, such as the proliferation of garbage in inappropriate locations, lack of sterilization, as well as awareness people about the topic.

It is proven that the killing of more canines that has been under way for decades in the country is not the solution and that this is shown that the problem has not only not stabilized, but continues to climb.

According to estimates in Toluca there are between 250 thousand and 300 thousand canines in total and 10 percent of them should be sterilized for the year, and so continuously; that is to say around 25 to 30 thousand to go to reducing the problem.

However, this 2017 the council aims to operate only 11 thousand of them, which do not even reach 5 percent. Indicated that are in a decline because of that in the government of María Elena Barrera had come to the 17 billion, a record amount and, therefore, had to give continuity; however, after the arrival of Martha Hilda González as president of Toluca and Fernando Zamora after the project collapsed and have shown little interest in giving a substantive solution also the current local government has not complied with agreements that were established with civil society organizations regarding this issue.


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