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Torreon, Coahuila.- After mentioning that currently there are one hundred and fifty thousand stray dogs, the holder of the Directorate of Health, José Manuel Velasco Gutierrez said that 70 percent of these dogs have an owner, while the rest are located in neighbourhoods, colonies, suburbs and even certain streets in the central sector.

Even, clarified that it is now no longer calls them stray dogs, but dogs owners are irresponsible, on the grounds that most of the dogs have an owner, but unfortunate the left in the street.

For this reason, he said that there is a special program and work coordinated with the association of volunteer canine to prevent the killing of street dogs.

Manuel Velasco, titular de Salud Municipal de Torreón.

Manuel Velasco, holder of Health City of Torreon.

The foregoing, stated after being questioned on the subject, so I added that by means of the canine association prevents a great number of sacrifices of dogs owners are irresponsible by virtue of that, there is a program in the social networks and a module on the Paseo Colon for the donation.

To question, express noted that it has an ongoing program to detect and pick up stray dogs that have no owner, in order to concentrate them in the Kennel Canine, where the majority are delivered to the association of the volunteer to find the owner, while others are euthanized by a lethal injection.

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For this reason, made an appeal to dog owners to make them responsible for their canines, in addition to prevent canine overpopulation with free spay / neuter offered by the Directorate of Health.

Yes, Velasco Gutierrez said that in order to achieve the good results of this special program, it is necessary the collaboration of the citizens in general, and especially of the owners of the canes, so as to avoid the sacrifice, and the problems they generate in the street.

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