Exploit female dog as puppy mills | Excelsior – Excelsior

Exploit female dog as puppy mills | Excelsior - Excelsior 1

38 dogs Golden Retriever were rescued from a breeding facility underground in Iztapalapa. / Photo: Special


The rescue of 38 dogs Golden Retriever in a house in Iztapalapa shows that the exploitation of dogs in kennels clandestine within the City of Mexico persists due to the indifference and little complaint, but, above all, to the rule of fashion by buy pets that give status.

While there are those who buy a dog that is of pure breed, there will be exploitation of children,» said Silvia García Álvarez, director of the shelter for dogs The Home of the Mongrel.

And is that to say of various associations of protective animals, selling dogs is a business in the City of Mexico with which you can make a profit at the expense of the exploitation and abuse of females living pregnant and crowded into feedlots clandestine, but that are thrown into the street when they can’t procreate or have litters with malformations.

The president of the civil association “Yes, Hope Animal” Monica Hernandez, noted that the most critical thing is that these kennels are countless and persist throughout the capital, because it is a business that earns a profit at the expense of the suffering of the animals that «when you stop being useful the fan in the street.”

And that is to keep this business on the basis of the exploitation of animals Monica Hernandez explained that simply having a male and several females to have cubs all year, because a male can impregnate five females and these every six months to come into heat, and with it you can have «your factory pups”.



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