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To be our best friends. For many people, pets are more than pets, many times they will form a bond so strong that even are a key part of the family.

Michael J. Baines is a man of 48 years that it has become known on Facebook, to adopt of a disinterested way to a large group of stray dogs.
Baines lives in Chonburi, Thailand, for 14 years, since moving from his native Scotland to work in a local restaurant. According to account from the official website of your organization for the protection of animals, The Man That Rescues Dogs, in 2011, when he was on his way to work he began to give a little bit of food to the dogs was.
Facebook: Michael, the man who adopted to 80 rescued dogs ... - LaRepública.pe 1
From one moment to another as if it had been the voice, the mouths began to increase, to such a point that they reach the amount of 80 animals.

“Normally I give them a stew made of boiled rice, chicken, fish and even pork meat for flavor”, he says.

As indicated, the breakdown of the entire story surrounding the rescue of animals, is gave when he found a scene very sad. One day a dog came up to him, apparently just having puppies and was in a state of chronic malnutrition. Michael could not leave it there, so I was instructed to feed him every day.

To see the movement that is generated by his love of animals, Michael decided to create a kennel where they take care of 80 dogs; not counting the other 90 that feeds into the street, the 40 that remains in a special home, and 11 that have them as pets in your home.

“I have a team of lovers of canines that just this year, have rescued 104 of them,”he says.

In an interview to Bored Panda, the scotsman ensures that in a month you can spend close to $ 1500, not including the cases of emergency veterinary medicine, as it is also in charge of keeping them healthy.

For the moment, has managed to find a home to around 50 canines, not to mention that he has at home.

Facebook: Michael, the man who adopted to 80 rescued dogs ... - LaRepública.pe 2

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